by occupyshazz

(Song playing: Out the Airlock by Paul Dempsey)

I walk in with $1 to my name and lay it on the counter. It’s all I got I say. I offer to maybe just get a banana, or you can hook me up. The guy laughs through his beard and starts filling up a small cup of coffee. I toss the buck into the tip jar.

You come into my Starbucks with just a dollar and expect to get a cup of coffee?” He busts my balls as he hands me the drink.

And I feel bad for not giving the dollar to the guy on the street who challenged me to a pull-up contest. Because this coffee was free. Everything is free. You just have to ask for it. The corollary of course is that you also are required to share what you have to the last penny, the last drop.

Are you one of those people who tip their heads sideways as they pour milk into their coffee, helping assist gravity with their body language? Did you give anything away today? Did you give me a look when I passed you on the street, maybe because I was singing into the snow or beat boxing to the crunch of my own feet?

What did you do today that made you smile? That made someone else’s day?

I myself was woken up around noon, or rather was kept from finally falling to sleep. I’ve been hard at work here in my refuge on the corner of Central Park trying to get these blog posts completed and online. At one point I had been writing faster than I had been posting, but I should be caught up by tonight.

Tomorrow night at the latest.

Caught up on sleep is a whole ‘nother matter. And then there’s the whole concern about not wanting to wear out my welcome.

Goodwill and charity only go so far until you have to become a productive member of the community. Is blogging a productive contribution? Time will tell, as measured by my ability to survive off these ramblings. In the meantime I checked out the local pizza shop on the way to bum this coffee.

Como se llama? Y a que hora regreso? Manana a las cuatro? Gracias bella

Speaking of bella, so this girl calls the apt around noon, a friend of mine. She informs me that we’ve (OWS) just lost West Park church as a housing option. Someone stole a high value item, she thinks it was a saboteur, yadda yadda. 100 occupiers in the streets tonight unless we find an alternative. She asks about the Woodstock Farm.

Ha ha, yeah, about that…

So I promise to make some phone calls and emails. Now I haven’t really gone to sleep yet, was hoping to catch a couple hours in the afternoon. Out of convenience for my friend here in her cramped apt I’m trying to sleep around her work schedule to be able to use her computer more. But I throw a couple feelers out there. Funny enough I get a response within minutes of posting to the spending freeze proposal page. There’s been an interesting discussion bubbling since that passed, over 60 comments and counting as of this morning, and they sound like mostly sincere folk.

This girl who messages me worked with the Park Slope church when we had occupiers crashing there. She said she might have an answer by this afternoon. I put her in touch with my friend at the church and pass out.

Now it’s half past nine. The snow’s not sure if it wants to chicken out and drizzle or tough the fluffy fall to the sidewalk, where it’s just going to melt anyways. It’s too warm for snow, but still too cold to be stuck out on the streets.

So far I haven’t gotten any emails, but then right now I don’t have a laptop with me. Just my trusty black spiral notebook and a pencil. But I have a feeling everything’s fine.

And if it’s not? Well, I’ll be headed back down to the occupation tomorrow to lend a hand. Just as soon as I catch this blog up…

Spokes Council was tonight. I’d be interested to find out what they thought of or did about this housing crisis. Interesting point of information: I don’t think the spending freeze affected them. Ah, now I think I understand. One the super-structure is in place, the foundation can be allowed to rot.

But I come from California, where an earthquake will test even the strongest of foundations. What happens when the building is not only not reinforced, but actually weakened through neglect? Well the bible talks about castles built on sand, folks talk about houses of cards and programmers talk about GIGO = garbage in garbage out.

It’s always surprising to watch how efficient people can be at avoiding the task at hand. Needs are in danger of not being met, real needs like shelter from the NYC winter. Our GA seems anemic. Let’s see if I can be a force for empowerment.

Buy Out Buy In, maybe your time has come as an emergency proposal for Tuesday’s General Assembly. Or maybe there’s a better use for my time and skill set. After all, this city still needs people to deliver its pizzas, among other things.