by occupyshazz

So I’m kind of morally conflicted at the moment about what should make up the content of this post. You see, normally I’ve been taking notes during the day and writing them up at night or the next morning. So this post for Thursday the 12th is actually about what went down Wednesday the 11th.

And Wednesday was kind of a weed night. Ran into a guy, happened to offer some, and I just started writing. Now the writer in me really wants to edit this down into a coherent post. But the marijuana activist in me really wants to just let it hang out there as an example of stoney thinking. I know so many people who would benefit from just letting lose of their perspective some, putting down their egos and picking up a little head change. Maybe an insight into the stoned psyche will pique their interests…or confirm their assumptions. So here’s one for radical transparency, warts and all.

Just remember, Shakespeare was a pot head too. Honest. Out, out, brief bong rip! Life is but a coughing stoner…

Now Cervantes, his thing was mushrooms


Corporations have their memos and their designs and what they produce. It is like their artwork, their creative content. Their profits are their self-expression. We don’t all want to be corporatists; we all want to be artists. We own the real world, not the other way around.

I keep hear talk of occupier burn out and stress. This is just a sign of growth. Personal growth is a moment of stress. How people deal with that is very telling. It shows you a person’s level of commitment. How did this whole revolution movement start? There was a man so committed to his principles; he was able to avenge what he perceived to be the ultimate assault on his personal dignity by killing himself. He committed murder, on himself. How does that make you feel? Are you willing to kill another human being? Are you willing to kill yourself? I’m not saying that we start recruiting homicidal sociopaths. I’m just saying that the threshold for this whole thing, or maybe I should limit it to all of the people that I personally want to be involved in, is being willing to die for what you believe.

And that is why OWS is just going to replicate the problems of the world at large. It was initiated by them, to head off revolution at home. It’s the same thing that the US government did to ward off socialism. Well, first they violently cracked down on the protesters and then they replaced the VALUES of socialism that VALUED human dignity above all else with communism, a system that VALUES efficiency, the collective “commune” before anything else.

This is a system purposefully set up to give you an excuse to betray the inherent love that you possess for your fellow man. You don’t need to know how to love, you learn all your life how to hate. Most of our culture is varying degrees of hate. Hateful violence in movies, hateful self-interested consumerism on reality shows, hateful bigotry and jingoist xenophobia in all of our professional sports and anywhere an American flag is really.

I was in the military from ages 20-22, I experienced firsthand the psychology of American aggression. They’re not selling t-party t-shirts off the shelves in PX’s across the country and our hundreds of global military outposts. The t-shirts that they are selling are of eagles sharpening its talons, of tanks and guns and soldiers ready for war. It is a culture of aggression, of 1st strike, of taking, of raping of pillaging. You really think that more rapists just happen to enter the military? That It just so happens that every military base around the world engenders ugly VALUES in the community that surrounds it? Rape, gambling, prostitution, poverty, these all are the calling cards of the imperial military outpost which is the outward projection of internal despair.

It is a sign of a system which is dying, which refuses to admit that it is both mortal and immoral. It is a system at contradiction with the laws, VALUES, of the world in which it lives.

Some people don’t think that this VALUE discussion is important. They belive that there are more important organizational, monetary, direct action type things we could be focusing our energies on.

These people are either malicious or ignorant to a fault. This is exactly how we’re going to turn a blind eye to our only weakness: losing our moral high ground. THAT is where we derive our moral authority from. And THAT is why I figurerd out that (redacted) is a government agent. Or an institutional douche. That’s it, we’ll call these types of people ID’s. It doesn’t matter if they talk a good talk, or even walk a good walk. If their VALUES and their willingness to sacrifice for those VALUES aren’t similar to yours, to my own, then they might as well be government agents.

We are all agents for the government. Just some of us have agency and some do not. The agents who who do not spend the effort to learn and accept their roles as servants for state aggression (police, military, politicians, any gov worker), these are known as citizens. And citizens are who we should be organizing, to show them how they have an alternative to citizenry. That’s why the farm’s so important, it is our alternative. It is our haven, our safe place to which we can retreat to imagine a better world.

The farm is our fort. That is why it scares them shitless. We have a lot more autonomy on the farm. We can actually start recreating society on the farm. This is already being done. People are open sourcing all the plans and material needed to create a do-it-yourself civilization kit, complete with a an automated brick maker that pumps out enough bricks to build a house a day.

One person. One house a day. You need a place to live? Do you have Wednesday free? Let’s get you to work so you can move in Thursday.

Nice car. I’ll build you a house for it.

Yeah, I’ve got twenty houses out in the country. Selfish? Naw, they’re already prepped and ready for occupiers. I just had a couple weeks free this summer and thought I’d crank them out, you know, like chopping a lot of fire wood just for the hell of it.

This is what living in a world of plenty would look like. This is exactly the opposite of our world of scarcity. Things aren’t perfect, and it’s not “do nothing” living. But it’s living in tune with the wisdom, timeframe and bounty of the natural world. In this sense it is exactly what Kukoaka talks about in “One-Straw Revolution.” It is not farming, but a lifelong process. There is no such thing as farming. There is no such thing as occupying. There is no such thing as banking.

There is only living. (Indian quote about white man’s bank vs indian bank). I wrote this quote on the event calendar on turkey day, interestingly enough. I thought it was funny that no one had organized a demonstration to talk about Thanksgiving Day VALUES. That’s the conversation that was probably going on in the heartland. That’s the conversation going on between people. Homegirl from Jamaica hooked me up with herb that day, out of the goodness of her heart, right there in Zuccotti.

And I run into her the other day and she’s telling me how it was her birthday the other day. And how her and the guards in the park were all playing tag or something. And how someone started taking pictures and they had to stop, because they didn’t want to get in trouble.

Perhaps our approach gets in the way of our effectiveness. Or actually, I know it does. It’s the only logical reason why we’ve stalled. Our approach has been wrong. We need to change what we’re doing. We need to admit we’re not doing this right.

I need to go to the farm. And I need the right people and a whole lot of money to meet me up there. Highly skilled welders. People who know about farming. People who communicate well. People who like to have fun. For the love of God, some cute girls who don’t mind having casual sex every now and then. The shamans The thinkers. The brutes. The musicians, artists and inspired outcasts.

The sincere. If you agree with the VALUES of this tract, and you are willing to die for those VALUES, then let’s talk. Come to the Woodstock farm and hang out. I doubt you’ll leave. This isn’t about Shazz Baric or David McNerney or a 29 year old writer, an admittedly flawed, ultimately frail human mortal. This is about learning how to live within harmony of the world we live, tapping into that wisdom and furthering our understanding of that tradition in order to reach our real human potential.

Our potential as a collective consciousness of humanity.

And THAT is why he’s nervous around me. His conversation kept going back to near the seat of moral justification. Our inaliable rights are not derived from contracts, from general assemblies, from the dying society out of which we’re escaping or the people who are escaping with us and interpreting the previous, facilitating this whole process.

Our moral justification, our highest VALUE, what a strategic mindset might call our center of gravity in our organization, the emergent culture, our identity, is realization of human potential. This is the abstract concept that we are all clinging to: that everyone has the right to become a better person. Everyone CAN be better. A better society is going to require this.

This is the personal journey that I am beginning to realize that I’ve started. This is the journey that I am asking you to join me in.

Join us in the open source REVOLUTION. Join us.


All in all I think it’s an interesting piece. And if you’re looking at the spelling errors or the grammar or the paranoia or manic thought process as warning signs, you’re missing the point. The point is you can’t get the point. You can’t feel the rush of stepping outside yourself, stepping out of the way and just letting the thoughts flow onto the page without impediment. You might get close with enlightenment, but this was pretty good shit. It’s always humbling to get that different perspective, unpack naive sincerity in the form of a stoned rant.

I’m going to have to think about where I was going with the above…